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Real & true moment

Exhibition idea does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use colours, shapes, different forms and gestural emotion represent idea.

About that one and special moment

Art has also had an impact upon the creative life of humans. From ancient times it has inspired people to do things their own way.



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Born on earth, Avidyā carries within a unique perspective. They are an innocent soul, a child of our Mother Earth, yet their art delves into the profound depths of human experience.

Avidyā, in Sanskrit, signifies ignorance – the veil that obscures our true nature. But for Avidyā, this is not a passive darkness. They use their intuition, expressive and innocent spirit to reveal the forms of suffering woven into the fabric of existence. Their art isn't just a mirror to our pain, it's a catalyst for transformation.

Avidyā's journey doesn't end in darkness. Alongside the whispers of suffering, their art vibrates with love and light. This isn't a naive optimism; it's a conscious choice, a belief in the power of compassion to heal. Avidyā's work becomes an offering, a channel for spreading warmth and understanding into the world.

Here, you'll encounter three levels of Avidyā's artistry.

Unveiling Suffering: Prepare to face the raw truth of human experience. Avidyā doesn't shy away from the shadows, but brings them to light with empathy and understanding. Be ready to confront pain, but also to find solace in the shared journey.

Embracing Love and Light: Though darkness may exist, Avidyā reminds us that it is not the only story. Their art pulsates with the energy of love, inviting you to open your heart to its transformative power. Find moments of joy, of connection, of hope woven into the tapestry of their creations.

Innocent Enchantment: Don't be fooled by Avidyā's childlike wonder. Their playful approach disarms, allowing you to access profound truths without walls or barriers. Let your inner child guide you through their art, and rediscover the magic that exists within us all.

Avidyā's art is a bridge between the depths of suffering and the heights of love. It's a whispered invitation to awaken, to heal, and to remember the light that shines within each of us. Let‘s explore the world through Avidyā's eyes, and discover the transformative power of art.


Some of her works

Here you will see some the most popular and stunning Julia Hawson artworks which will be present at the art exhibition on Jul 27, ar Moora Gallery, London.

Darkness, 2018

As Julia said, it was the most expressive artwork for her. It took only about 5 minutes to paint to have the result that she wanted. The idea was to reflect our social connection with each other.


After that moment, 2018

Julia believes that love is the crucial value to everyone who wants to live a full life. You should be able to love somebody as you love yourself. With this sculpture, she wanted to portray the love for everybody.


True, 2018

This artwork presented individuals feelings. Julia idea and observation is that nowadays people sometimes are misled by their inner emotions and not always express themselves as individuals.

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